Meet Pete

Rev. Pete Horlock – Minister to the Business Community

To the best of our knowledge, Pete is the first ever ordained minister dedicated to serving the needs of the Manchester city centre business community.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I was brought up in the South of England but have had the pleasure of working in Manchester since July 2004. Prior to this role I was a minister at a vibrant local church (Holy Trinity Platt – Rusholme), helping to develop a new church community in the local area.

I am married to Emily and have two sons, Sam and Noah.  I am also Chaplain at Manchester City FC.

Why is this role necessary?
Manchester is widely regarded as one of the most developed and respected cities outside of London for financial and professional services.  So far I think the church, as a whole, has a mixed track record in how well it has sought to understand, engage with and support those working in business. Ministry 2 Business in Manchester is one way to bridge that gap in a relational and credible way.

The bible remains a great inspiration and encouragement to millions of people globally as they seek to live life in all its fullness. When you look closely at the new testament accounts of Jesus’ life it is striking to see how much time he spent with such people, his encouragement of entrepreneurial initiative and how he consistently used workplace illustrations to teach deep, spiritual truths.

For Jesus Christ faith and work went hand in hand, each making sense of the other. The workplace remains an area of life that is not off limits to God – it is a place where we should expect to experience the love, power and provision of God.

My focus in this work will be two-fold:  Firstly, supporting people in their day to day challenges, working towards to seeing a strong, healthy city centre business community.

Secondly, providing people with relevant opportunities to explore the Christian faith, thinking about God’s call on their lives, and how they can make the most of all their gifts and opportunities.

Please email me if you’d like to discuss how I can serve you in your work.
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