Change Makers (Apr 2019) Praying For Your Work

If we are serious about seeing God at work through our work and the wider business community, we cannot escape the fact that we need to be praying both collectively and consistently for change. Connecting with God and with each …

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GROW: Honest Leadership

Millennial┬áleaders are stepping into some of the most significant global leadership roles in businesses, public sector and charities, therefore, dialogue between the generations is central to innovation, collaboration and renewal. * How do people from different generations learn from each …

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LAUNCH: Collaborative Leadership

True collaboration is the ability to work with others to accomplish multiplied results. As a leader, do these types of questions keep you up at night? What is the key to bringing lasting change to people and organisations? How can …

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Proverbs: Wisdom For Work

In a world of ‘how to’, ‘self help’ and ‘simple steps’ on everything from business success, relationship advice, healthy eating, de-cluttering, to running your best marathon, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed discerning information from knowledge and knowledge from wisdom. The …

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Spotlight: Hannah Child “It’s a great privilege to be working in law”

Hannah Child is a trainee solicitor at DWF LLP. She has served as a trustee with M2B since 2017 and is passionate about helping people in business by bringing positive change to their organisations.

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Spotlight: James Everall ‘The Job Search Entrepreneur’

James Everall launched Christian Jobs in November 2018 has a passion to see people fully use their gifts and talents at work.

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Spotlight: John Haines ‘The Skatepark Entrepreneur’

John Haines has worked with Projekts Mcr since 2001 and has ambitious plans to expand the skatepark

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