Rob Turley 1950 – 2016

Rob Turley the founder of, and driving forceRob-Turley-football, behind the independent and national planning consultancy, Robert Turley Associates, now known as Turley, died earlier this month from cancer.

Rob was an extremely talented, pioneering businessman who saw the potential in creating and developing spaces in towns and cities where people could work and flourish.  His close friend, John Rose, commented about Rob’s approach to business: “For Rob it was always more than business, believing that business should be based upon relationships, the hallmark of which was respect and integrity.”

Rob was a very generous and supportive friend of Ministry2Business and as a committed Christian shared the vision of connecting faith and work, there should be no sacred/secular divide. He passionately believed that planning should be a Godly process as it involved human creativity, using the earth’s resources wisely, creating beauty and space in an environment where humans and the natural world can thrive. What he most enjoyed doing was revitalising places that, in his words were “tired or messed up” and that this truly reflected the gospel message of restoring humanity and breathing new life into all of us through faith in Jesus Christ.

You can read the full tribute written by John Rose here.
Our prayers are with Isabel his wife, and his two daughters and son: Helen, Laura and Mark.

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