Business Life Group 23.04.21

Business Life Groups are proving a very encouraging and practical way to look at “faith at work” related issue. They are quite simply relaxed, engaging and discussion-based bible studies with a work application in mind.

New Series: “Biblical Perspectives on Leadership & Personality Types.”
Series Led by Ria Delves – Maxwell DISC Method Certified Trainer.  

Psalm 139 speaks of the care and attention God gave to forming and making us and in this study series we will be looking at what we can learn about personality and behavioural styles from the Bible.

Over five sessions, using the Maxwell DISC Method Biblical Edition, Ria will unpack the four personality styles in the DISC methodolgy to see how we can understand them in the light of the bible.
Each session will involve in a mix of bible study looking at different biblical characters, input and discussion. we’ll explore and reflect on the four personality styles and see how they might be demonstrated in different biblical characters and situations.
The aim of this is to develop our own understanding of how we can best work and serve alongside our colleagues in order to build successful teams and fruitful work that is step with God’s good purposes.

When: Friday 23rd April, 30th April 8.00am – 8.50am
Where: Wherever you are – Zoom meeting.
Zoom details sent to you when you register by emailing Pete here
Cost: Free. (Bring your own breakfast!

If you are interested in joining a study and discussion group, or a 1-2-1 bible reading partnership please contact Pete Horlock.

“Breakfast with the Business Life Group is a thought provoking start to the day, it is amazing how relevant passages from thousands of years ago are to doing business correctly.”
Mike Andrews, Managing Director, Britannia Bradshaw Removals

Bridge Photo by Mark Autumns on Unsplash 

Event Date: 20210423
Event Price: Free.


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