iCulture Unboxed

Culture has been defined as, ‘The way we do things around here’. Add the ‘i’ of contemporary GloContechnology and media and we are living in the landscape of ‘iCulture’; a rapidly evolving 24/7 world of unprecedented connectivity and opportunity.

Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurologist, comments: “It’s only seven years since the iphone launched. Nine since Facebook went global… they have changed the way many of us live. Technology will remain one of the biggest change drivers in our lives over the next twenty years. There is an interesting confluence of technology and political trends approaching that may have a dramatic impact on our city.”

In this interactive seminar Phil will share with us tools to explore, engage and equip ourselves in navigating and contributing positively to the landscape of iCulture from a distinctly Christian, biblical, perspective.

Speaker Profile: Phil Grundy has over twenty years experience in advertising, graphics and branding, working with small and medium sized businesses and organisations in both Christian and non-Christian contexts. This is coupled with a fascination with movies, media, art and design and a desire to explore how faith can not just survive in but contribute to our culture. A Mancunian by birth who never quite left, agrees with Alfred Lord Tennnyson who said, ‘Dark and true and tender is the North’.

What to expect:
An interactive 60 minute seminar with Phil.
An opportunity for questions and discussion.
Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Event Details:
When:  Tuesday 10th February 2015
Time: 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Where: M2B Office, 3rd Floor, 90 Deansgate M3 2GP (next door to Bella Italia)
Cost: Free.
Online booking is essential. To book your place click HERE >>

Event Date: 20150210
Event Price: Free.

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