Regular Events: Business Life Group

Business Life Groups are proving a very encouraging and practical way to look at “faith at work” related issue.

Coffee at Business to Life GroupsThey are quite simply relaxed, engaging and discussion-based bible studies with a work application in mind.

Truth-at-work-no-strap-logoOur last series of BLG studies we’re based in John’s Gospel, which is a fantastic way to encounter Jesus Christ. We were using the Truth At Work study material developed and written by Rev. William Taylor and Richard Borgonon at St Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate. The notes are available to download here.

The previous BLG studies from Acts chapters 1-5 are also available to download:
Study 1 ‘Preparation’ Acts 1:1-26
Study 2 ‘Receiving The Spirit’ Acts 2:1-41
Study 3 ‘The Church’ Acts 2:36-47
Study 4 ‘Persecution’ Acts 4:1-31
Study 5 ‘Hypocrisy In The Church’ Acts 4:32-5:11
Study 6 ‘Standing Firm’ Acts 5:12-42

Since October 2015 we have stopped hosting the Business Life Group.
If you are interested in joining a study and discussion group, or a 1-2-1 bible reading partnership please contact Pete Horlock.

“Breakfast with the Business Life Group led by Pete Horlock is a thought provoking start to the day, it is amazing how relevant passages from thousands of years ago are to doing business correctly.”
Mike Andrews, Managing Director, Britannia Bradshaw Removals

Event Date: 20151013
Event Price: Please buy a drink from the counter

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