The Word One To One

Topping the list of 2,000 people in the recently published study “Who Is Bigger?” Jesus Christ continues to inspire, intrigue and infuriate people across the world.  The accounts of his life, however, are still relatively unknown and unread by a large number of people in the UK.  So how do we help people find out more about Jesus’ life, teaching and his impact on our lives?

word one to oneThe co-authors Richard Borgonon, an Insurance executive and former Chairman of a Lloyd’s broker with 39 years’ experience in business, and William Taylor, Rector of St Helen’s Bishopsgate, developed The Word 1-2-1, a set of user-friendly notes which help people engage with who Jesus is as they read John’s gospel.

Ministry 2 Business facilitates these informal 121 reading and discussions for individuals or small groups as required. Virtual meetings using Zoom gives us greater opportunity to be flexible and tailored to your availbility.

What To Expect With A Word 121 Meeting:
Between 30-45 minutes read and chat based on the short episodes in John’s Gospel.
A great opportunity to ask searching questions about life, faith, God and the bible.
No expectation to have religious belief or Christian faith.

Next Steps: 
Contact: If you are interested in looking at the first episode email: 
When:  You decide – we will find the time to fit your schedule.
Where: Due to lockdown restrictions meetings will happen via Zoom or Phone.
Cost: Free
The Word 121 Resource: Click HERE to get access to the pdf notes. To buy the books click HERE

Event Date: 20201030
Event Price: Free

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