Open To Question: What’s The Wisest Investment?

In search of security and stability.
As the world comes to terms with the impact of covid-19 understandably people are concerned about finding security and stability whether it’s health, employment or long term financial plans. Perhaps we are more aware than ever before of the fragility and uncertainty of life.

So in a world of uncertainty what is the wisest investment we could make?

In this informal and thought-provoking Open To Question event Simon Pilcher (CEO USS Investment Management Ltd) shared his insights and wisdom gained from his 30 years of business experience in the financial investment sector and how his faith in Jesus Christ remains the unshakable foundation of his life.

M2B’s Open To Question events are especially geared to friends who are sceptical about the claims of Christianity and have honest questions about Jesus Christ – his identity purpose and relevance for us today.

The interview and talk are available to watch here:

About The Speaker:
In October 2019 Simon became the Chief Executive of USS Investment Management. The Universities Superannuation Scheme – the UK’s largest private pension scheme by way of assets. Simon is responsible for overseeing the investment strategy governing the scheme’s £64 billion in assets. When he’s not managing the long-term financial security of over 400,000 members, he enjoys growing vegetables and competing in triathlons. He’s married to Rachel and has 5 children.


Film Edited by: Ben Horrigan


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Open To Question: What’s The Wisest Investment?

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