Applying the Christian Faith at Work

Audio From M2B’s Faith@Work
Jeremy Marshall “Can Banks Be Good” 18.10.14J-Marshall_web
Jeremy (CEO of C Hoare & Co. Private Retail Bank) unpacks some of the lessons he’s learned over the years about delivering quality for customers and maintaining ethics in banking. He shares how Jesus Christ’s teaching not only challenges but positively impacts his work in banking and still makes sense for us today. Download: Talk
Download: Q&A

Matthew KSMatthew Kimpton-Smith “Making It Count: the Power Of True Rest At Work” 20.5.14 In this talk Matthew (Group MD of Cygnet Group) explored some of the lessons he’s learned about hard work and true rest over the years spent in business.  He openly shares the bible’s teaching on work, taking rest, prayer and the impact his faith in Jesus Christ has had on his own life.

Part 1: Talk MP3
Part 2: Q & A MP3

Book Of The Month

Do we live to work or work to live?
What good does our work bring to our lives?
Is work purely a means to an end, or does it carry intrinsic value and purpose?
The distinctive, biblical perspective of ‘calling’ is rooted in firstly knowing the Caller – our personal, Creator God. Calling is not a job description or a gut feeling; it goes beyond occupation and integrates what we do (our purpose) with who we are (our identity).

The six part study guide produced by the Global Faith and Work Initiative; will help you navigate the origins, hope, context, purpose, discernment and fulfillment of calling which will help us build a joyful, resilient and meaningful foundation for all of our work.

Download The PDF Study Guide: The Calling of Faith and Work

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